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Repair.  Recover.  Rebuild.

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All proceeds benefit the RFPC campus.

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Mother and Daughter Love
Mother and Daughter Love

A Place For Hope

Restore Family Preservation Center serves families by providing resources, education, and spiritual counseling that will impart families with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain a safe and healthy environment for their selves and for their children as well as provide true freedom that's found only in Jesus Christ, Our Savior!

Wild Path

A Plan For The Future

Through our year-long Path to Preservation program, we offer women the skills they need to set goals and the resources they need to obtain them.  Whether the issue is homelessness, addiction, poverty, or unplanned pregnancy we work one-on-one with each individual to overcome the hurdles holding them back from a life they have only dreamed of.  

What's To Come

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A Mind To Work

RFPC's Quarterly Newsletter

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