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Paths to Preservation Program

Our Paths to Preservation Program is a year-long program offered to women looking for direction and purpose.  The program consists of four different "paths" each building on the other.  We provide support and resources for each individual as they work to build a life plan and start working towards an independent, worthwhile life.  

During the program each woman meets with a coach who helps track her progress and work through any barriers that hinder her from meeting her goals.  Each participant is required to attend weekly bible studies, monthly group meetings, and keep in touch with a mentor.  Essential life skills are taught throughout the course including safe parenting, money management, healthy living, spiritual development, and setting boundaries.

Looking for a change?

Are you a woman who feels life is hopeless?  Are you stuck in your situation and not sure what to do?  Does the Path to Preservation Program sound like something you need?  Let's talk!

We'll be in touch!

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